John Bolton SMACKSDOWN the Liberal Paris Climate Agreement Whiners!

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John Bolton, Former UN Ambassador, called President Trump’s announcement of the U.S. leaving the Paris Climate agreemtn an “excellent decision”, saying that the Paris accord is a “self-licking ice cream cone, it’s purpose is to exist. In the short term it really would have had next to no effect, the danger was in the longer term.”

He further explained his viewing saying “In the short term, it’s a bunch of national programs that you could have devised any way you wanted. The overall effect on climate by any reputable scientific analysis is zero and countries like India and China basically said, ‘Our program for reducing carbon emissions will begin in 2030.”

“What they wanted was an agreement on anything.” The they he is speaking of, we can interpret as the globalists behind the UN and EU, the CFR, global banksters and other transnational agitators. He says that anything that got the ball rolling was acceptable to them in order “to create the foundation for what they’re really interested in, which is more international control over national decision making.”

“This is really a global governance issue, which the Europeans just love, which Barack Obama just loved, which Donald Trump has now rejected. Bolton says there are lots of economic arguments here about the effect of this agreement, to me the overarching, ultimately most important, more than constitutional question was, ‘Will we govern ourselves here or are we going to cede governance authority to international organizations. And that’s what’s been rejected.”


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