Anti-Trump Megyn Kelly Interviews Putin; Doesn’t End Well

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NBC News contributor and FORMER Fox News host Megyn Kelly gave an interview today with Russian President Vladimir Putin and wouldn’t you know it! It did not go very well for Kelly as she tried to touch on the subject of the supposed Russian-collusion.

“We didn’t do this!” a very frustrated Vladimir Putin exclaimed after Kelly begin talking about the still unproven allegations. “Stop this!”

It’s even being reported that he removed his earpiece at least twice, according to The Daily Caller.

“IP addresses can be invented — a child can do that!” he added when Kelly claimed that American intelligence agencies uncovered evidence that the hackers who breached the Democrats’ servers and emails were from Russia. “Your underage daughter could do that. That is not proof.”

Putin then tried turning the tables on Kelly claiming that American operatives have been interfering in Russia’s own national politics for “many years”

“As for the interference, look at what your colleagues are doing in our country,” he remarked. “They have been deep down in our domestic policies doing what they want, enjoying themselves, on a systemic basis for many years.”

Then the Russian president asked Kelly if she needs a pill.

“There was nothing concrete, zero — it’s just hysteria,” he said in response to the host’s continued insistence of Russian collusion. “Should I give you a pill?”

“[The Democrats] made a mistake and they don’t want to recognize this mistake right now,” he asserted.


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