NY Times Declares Trump “Colossal Failure”

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Charles Blow, a New York Times columnist, has declared POTUS Trump’s first 100 days, 100 days of horror. HA yeah, we can’t make this stuff up, folks. He further commented that the Trump Administration is desperately trying to “rebrand” itself due to the failure and making it seem like a success. SHEESH! Where do they come up with this stuff?!

Trump’s legislative agenda has been stymied. The drip, drip, drip of negative news about connections between campaign associates and Russia — and Russia’s efforts to impact our election — continues unabated. He seems to have no real strategy for governance other than pouting and gloating. His advisers are at each other’s throats. And the public has soured on him to a historic degree.

So now let’s take this to the flip side for a moment. New York Post’s Michael Walsh has stated that the first 100 days has went “better than you think.”. Lamestream media just cannot make up it’s mind!

And still, not all hope is lost! Dana Loesch stated on America’s Newsroom that the narrative being played by NY Times is quiet bias.

Loesch stated that while she disagreed with Trump at many times during the campaign, but so far she’s “pleased with the number of things I’ve seen done correctly.”


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