Shifting Ad Algorithms Hurting Independent Media

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From “The David Pakman Show”, he discusses here how changing algorithms are hurting independent media, even on sites like Freedom Clash. Seemingly overnight he post nearly 95% of his Youtube revenue, which is also about half of his overall revenue. He employs a lean, professional number of people. So this is hurting jobs potentially and not just David Pakman’s bottom line.

“This is an existential threat to the show,” Mr. Pakman said. “We need that money.”

These giant publisher/advertiser companies, such as Youtube, Google, and even Facebook run a process for mechanically pulling ads from videos is concerning. It takes aim at whole topics of conversation that could be perceived as potentially offensive to advertisers, and because it so often misfires a lot of publishers are left in the dust.

He further states that corporate media companies are loving it and pushing for it. It’ll surely bring big advertising bucks back to the.

YouTube’s most serious ad change yet came in the wake of reports from The Times of London and The Wall Street Journal that ads were appearing on YouTube videos that espoused extremism and hate speech. When major advertisers like AT&T and Johnson & Johnson withdrew their spots, YouTube announced that it would try to make the site more palatable to advertisers by “taking a tougher stance on hateful, offensive and derogatory content.”

How YouTube’s Shifting Algorithms Hurt Independent Media


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