HAHA! CNN Has Typo On Screen While Discussing ‘Covfefe’

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CNN and MSNBC have given a very strange and very large amount of time over the “covfefe” typo posted by President Trump on Twitter the other night, over-analyzing it TO DEATH!

In case you haven’t heard or figured it out by now he meant “coverage”… voice to text is a B**CH, let me tell ya! Lol But that hasn’t stopped the liberal media machine’s speculation on the typo itself.

“People who talk to the president say he’s just kind of angry, not trusting of people around him, not happy with much of anyone around him. Does this tweet figure into that?” host Anderson Cooper.

“It’s midnight and he’s tweeting about his negative press coverage and clearly it’s something he’s obsessing about constantly,” CNN analyst Gloria Borger said.


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