Lefts Utopia Equal To Perpetual Adolescents

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This may seem a little dry and boring to some but it’s important to point out from time to time. This is something I’ve noticed since I was a teenager, myself. An unending wave, generation after generation, of young adults (to adulthood) who get these hair-brain ideas in their head. You got kids working part time jobs but “their real job is “. Sure I had and have aspirations, too… but they’re NOT MY JOB!

And Senator Ben Sasse would agree, recently stating “We’ve created a kind of endless, perpetual adolescence. There has never been a civilization that’s had [this] before”.

Adolescents should not resemble Peter Pan, said Sasse:

“We’ve created this new idea that you can have a greenhouse-sheltered environment for two, three, or four years. And it’s great. It’s glorious. And yet, it’s always been a transitional state. It’s not supposed to be Peter Pan. You don’t want to be stranded in Neverland. It’s a hell if you don’t get to become an adult.

The number one address for college graduates in America, right now, is moving back into their parents’ basement. By far the number one address. We have 18- to 24-year-old males, a large share of whom play video games a majority of their waking hours. I don’t want those guys marrying my daughters.”

A large swathe of young persons entering colleges and universities have never been employed, said Sasse, recalling an anecdote from his former role as Midland University’s president:

“What shocked me about the experience of arriving at the school is that overwhelmingly, the incoming students had never worked before. They’d never done any hard labor … They just never really had to do any work of any kind.

When I went to college in 1990 … all of them had worked. I don’t think I knew a soul who hadn’t done some hard before.

What have we done to lose the transmission of a work ethic to these kids?”


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