Camera Catches The Moment The Deadly Truck Bomb Went Off

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CRAZY new footage has come to light that shows the moment a massive trump bomb goes off in Afghanistan, killing at least 90 people and injuring hundreds of others.

The video recording, which was obtained by Afghanistan’s TOLOnews, shows a large, red sewage tanker pulling up beside a checkpoint in Kabul’s green zone… then the truck lurches toward the checkpoint before stopping and immediately explodes it’s massive payload.

The detonation was so massive and severe it shattered the lens of the recording camera. The footage also shows the shock wave that went through the city. The bomb left a sizable crater several feet deep and even damaged the German Embassy.

Taliban forces denied responsibility for the attack. However, the Afghan government has accused the Haqqani network as being responsible. The terrorist group has close ties to both the Taliban and al-Qaida.


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