Shapiro RIPS Alt-Right ‘Snowflakes’ A New One

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Daily Wire’s Ben Sharpiro decided to go on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and put the “alt-right snowflakes” who have been storming the stage of the New York Public Theater’s rendition of Julius Caesar on blast.

As you may not know, The New York Public Theater has adapted Julius Caesar to be more “modern” — which depicts an attack on Trump.

He also tore into MSNBC’s Joy Ried for her Saturday comments where she attacked Rep. Scalise while he’s fighting for his life after being critically wounded by the Congressional shooter.

“I’ve spent my career opposing idiot snowflakery. I go around and I speak at places like Cal State Los Angeles, and there’s a near-riot there; I go and speak at the University of Wisconsin; people try to storm the stage. I’ve always said this kind of stuff is not free speech, when you’re trying to censor somebody else’s free speech.”

“And then the Right does it, and shockingly there are members of the right, mainstream members of the right, who say, “Well, you know, this is, turnabout is just fair play. Well, no. If it’s wrong when the Left does it, it’s wrong when you do it. This idiotic notion that trying to promote snowflakery from the Right is somehow going to combat the snowflakery from the left, it’s so stupid. Especially because this kind of stuff hasn’t helped the Left. Even Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren came out against Antifa and people trying to shut down Ann Coulter at Berkeley.”

“If the Right starts to embrace the same tactics that some members of the Left embrace in shutting down free speech in the name of shutting down hate speech, then the Right is going to be just as guilty as the Left in this political impasse we now find ourselves in.”


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