Is James Comey Looking For A Book Deal?

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Former Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, appeared on Fox & Friends this weekend and believes James Comey is a “liar” who is looking to turn ALL THIS into a major book deal.

“I think Jim Comey’s in big trouble because under oath in front of the committee he said things which we know to be factually inaccurate, not just in his testimony this week, but when he was the director of the FBI he’s had to come back and recant statements that he’s made … because Jim Comey’s a liar,” Lewandowski said.

Lewandowski went on to address a rumor that Comey is about to sign a lucrative book deal, saying it is just another example of the Washington D.C. “swamp creatures” being “very real.”

“[W]hat we saw this week, I’m shocked by this news, is Jim Comey’s about to sign a $10 million book deal, right?” he continued. “It’s amazing how these guys go from government service to multi-millionaires, and people wonder why Washington is broken. This is what happens all the time.”


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