Brat SLAMS Democrats Who Talk Of Impeachment

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Virginia Rep. Dave Brat slammed into Democrats during an interview today, primarily focused toward those who want to impeach President Donald Trump despite the fact that he’s done nothing to warrant it.

“What you gotta do is just name the statute that’s been violated,” Brat explained of Democrats going after Trump. “Democrats are upset that Trump won the election and so they’ve been saying ‘impeach, impeach’ since day one.”

“My Senators from Virginia are getting apoplectic,” Brat argued. “Mark Warner’s seeing smoke everywhere he goes like he’s in a Cheech and Chong movie and [Tim] Kaine now thinks the son is worse than Benedict Arnold.”

“There’s collusion everywhere but the question is whether a statue has been violated,” he said. “There’s collusion between CNN and the DCCC and the Washington Post and I don’t complain about that–it’s not illegal. I think it’s unethical but it’s not illegal.”


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