Indeed They Are The Party of Obstruction

News For You

Here’s Great video detailing the Democratic party that showcases how they’re doing everything in their power to bring down the presidency and the GOP. They are the party of obstruction, indeed.

This isn’t hearsay. This is word for word picked right from their mouths. It’s only a handful, but still powerful, of examples that show they’re not willing to work with anyone but themselves. In fact, lately, they’ve even shown they’re unwilling to work with those within their own party for disagree with even one thing (pro-life democrats).

The DNC, and Liberals in general, have a long standing “our way or the highway” mentality when it comes to anything from social issues to political. For a party that prides itself on “open mindedness” and “reason and logic” they truly only care about their single-minded point of view and everyone and everything else be D*MNED.

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