Entitled “Religion of Peace” Woman Totally Flips Out, Verbally Attacks Man For What He’s Wearing

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A Muslim woman was caught on camera screaming at a man because the shirt he was wearing “demonized Muslims”.

In the clip, the hijab-wearing woman can be seen yelling at the man for wearing a Pauline Hanson shirt on the campus of a university. Hanson is a controversial Australian right-wing leader who has called for all Muslims to be banned from entering her country.

“You have no right to be on this campus. No you don’t. Get off this campus. You’re not welcome here. Get off,” the woman replies. “He is a proto-fascist. He has no right to be here. All he wants to do is [demonize] Muslims. Muslims have had enough. Get off this campus, you’re not welcome here.”

Huts uploaded the clip of the confrontation on Facebook, saying that he was “attacked by a Muslim woman.”

“They [recognize] me, that’s what set them off so I was attacked. You saw the video, I did nothing wrong,” he said. “I wasn’t the aggressor, I maintained my composure and I uploaded the video and it started to get viral.”


Many viewers reacted angrily to the woman in the video, criticizing her for attacking Huts just because of his shirt.

“Never saw his shirt, but according to what I saw this little girl isn’t much of a Muslim either if she treats men this way, and would probably be killed in a Muslim country for her actions,” one Newsiosity reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“Now you know why these woman do not have freedom of speach in their own country. they would be beaten and raped and beheaded if they spoke to a man like this. They just plain do not know how to act with the freedom of being in a wonderful country like lthe US,” another wrote.

“Have all the young college students gone crazy? Why are they not standing up for are FREEDOM? Do they honestly think it’s only there freedom that counts? Only there thoughts that count? That’s not FREEDOM. But then again I have not heard from a liberal that was smart. None of them have Good Common Sense!,” another added.

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