OHHHHH! How did no one hear Obama Diss the Clinton’s in Chicago?

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Seen here, Former Pres. Obama took a pretty nasty, but subtle, swipe at Hillary Clinton while speaking at University of Chicago on Monday. This was found among the footage of his first public remarks since leaving the White House, and he discusses the “stereotypical profile of somebody who has a good likelihood of shooting or getting shot here in Chicago.”

“That’s part of the violence that has been plaguing the city,” he added before stating the need to empathize with people, rather than “[characterizing] as something entirely different than us.”

“What was striking when you sat down with these guys was they are young people,” Obama continued. “If you had listened to them talking, you would recognize them as not that different from any other young man 18 to 24. What was different was their circumstances.”

Here are her remarks:

“If the six of you had been in that conversation,” Obama said to the group of young people also taking part in the panel, “You would have come away not saying, ‘these are some thugs or super predators that I can’t relate to.’ You would actually say, ‘man, if I had gone through what they went through, I’m not sure how things would have worked out for me, either.’”

Obama’s Response:

Though Obama did not mention Clinton by name, his decision to use “super predator” is telling.

Clinton had heavily used the term while speaking in support of her husband’s 1994 crime bill, which she was heavily criticized and eventually apologized for during the middle of her 2016 presidential campaign.

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