Graham Drops a BOMBSHELL on Clinton

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Senator Lindsey Graham is weighing in and has a pretty amazing “bombshell” in regards to Clinton. He believes operatives inside the campaign itself emailed the Justice Department while the investigation was on-going. That’s pretty big! Even her own staffers may have been involved in the leaks!

He went on to speak about former FBI Director Robert Mueller as “special counsel” to the investigation of a Trump / Russia collusion and said he’s yet to see any evidence of criminal activity thus far… which seems to be an on-going theme, doesn’t it?

As Written by and seen first on Fox News:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) made a surprise statement Thursday on “America’s News HQ,” saying he believes operatives in the Clinton campaign emailed the Justice Department during the email investigation.

Graham said he has “reason to believe” the communications exist and said he would like to see them turned over to the Senate Judiciary Committee, of which he is a member.

“If there was a communication to the Department of Justice about an ongoing investigation from people who are the subject of the investigation, I want to know that,” he said.

His claim comes as President Trump has been accused of obstructing the Michael Flynn investigation, according to a report on a memo of former FBI Director ………


Graham: I Believe Clinton Operatives Emailed Justice Dept During Email Probe | Fox News Insider

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