Family Of “FB Killer” Victim Ready To Forgive

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Three of Robert Godwin Sr’s children, the victim of the “FB Killer” stated in an interview that has left many people stunned. Even Anderson Cooper was taken back by the statement.

Robert Godwin Sr was killed on Easter while collecting cans during a walk when he was approached by Steve Stephens, the man who murdered him in cold blood on the spot.

Anderson, shocked, as one of his daughters said “I honestly can say right now that I hold no animosity in my heart against this man, because I know he’s a sick individual”. “I feel sadness in my heart for him, I really do.”

Stephens “snapped” after his wife left him and refused to speak with him. Upon approaching Mr. Godwin, a retired foundry worker, he said to Mr. Godwin “do me a favor by saying Joy Lane.”.

Stephens has since been found and after a short chase committed suicide.

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