HuffPo’s Stein DEMOLISHES Maxine Waters On Russian Collusion 

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Well I wasn’t quite expecting this. Raging Liberal Maxine Waters was on Morning Joe along with Sam Stein of The Huffington Post, a well-known liberal news machine, where he pressed her for more information, or rather a definition, on her idea of “collusion” between Trump and Russia while she continues to serve up no evidence whatsoever.

Waters has been on a sort of “war path” in regards to a possible collusion, hitting every outlet she can, and ensuring that she brings it up. Recently she attended the “Ideas Conference” hosted by the left-leaning Center for American Progress where she stated that, in her mind, she already decided Trump should have been impeached long ago.

She’s possibly more gung-ho on the issue than most other top-level Democrats.

As Written By Matt Vespa for Townhall:

Well, this is quite the exchange. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, where The Huffington Post’s Sam Stein pressed the rabid anti-Trump Democrat about how she defines collusion since Waters has served up zero evidence to back up most of her claims. One of the most bizarre was her reckless peddling of conspiracy theories, like Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) having ties to Russia. Stein noted that collusion, in this scenario, would be Russian actors acting in a way to elect Donald Trump. There is no evidence to prove this claim. Stein was wondering what Waters thinks collusion is since that’s the standard for her calls to impeach the president.

“I am talking about strategies that were developed working with the Trump campaign. I really do believe that much of what you saw coming out of Trump’s mouth was a play from Putin’s playbook,” she said. She added that slogans and monikers (i.e. “crooked Hillary” and “lock her up”) were developed strategically with members of the Kremlin and maybe even Vladimir Putin himself.

Huffington Post’s Stein Shuts Down Maxine Waters On Russian Collusion – Matt Vespa

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