Franklin Graham Calls For Target Boycott After Latest Victim Of It’s “Restroom Policy”

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Another incident in a Target restroom underscores the dangers of the retail chain’s nearly two-year-old policy of allowing “transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity” and renews calls for a boycott. On March 25, a man exposed his genitals to a young girl in a restroom stall in a Chicago Target store.

This is at least the second incident where a Target guest has been endangered by another guest taking advantage of the policy by using an intimate facility that should reasonably be segregated by biological sex.

The first instance of this to get any attention was less than three months into the new policy. A man who “identifies as a woman” was arrested in Idaho after taking pictures of a woman trying on clothes in a women’s dressing room. The man, Sean Patrick Smith, 46 — who clearly has a sexual interest in women — used his mobile phone to take those pictures under the wall dividing his stall from that of his victim. Not surprisingly, the story got little coverage by national media outside of a report by Fox News. A local media outlet reported at the time:

Bonneville County Sgt. Bryan Lovell says deputies were called to a disturbance at Target on 25th East just after 5 p.m. Monday.

A woman told them a man, dressed in women’s clothing, had entered a fitting room in the women’s clothing section of the store. Deputies say the suspect was seen taking photos of a woman in a stall next to him while she was changing.

“The woman was begging for help as she chased the man out the door,” a witness inside the store, who asked not to be named, tells “She kept saying she wanted those pictures deleted.”

The suspect, later identified as Smith, left the store, and Lovell says detectives located him Tuesday afternoon.

This writer refers to the most recent example of Target’s dangerous policy putting people in danger as at least the second such instance because there are likely other incidents that also did not receive much (if any) media attention. Furthermore, statistics show that many sexually related crimes go unreported, so that could also be a factor here. That is especially true in an environment where reporting such a crime would thrust the victim into the spotlight of a politically loaded debate about the rights of people who suffer from a mental disorder that causes them to be confused about their sexual identity.

In fact, even before the new policy, Target — along with other retail businesses — had multiple instances of men violating the privacy of women and children — sometimes even assaulting them in restrooms and dressing rooms. Breitbart even compiled a list of the top 25 stories of this at the time that Target introduced the policy. This policy abets those criminals in their crimes.

(H/T The New American)

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