Ivanka Trump Is America’s Best Dressed First Daughter Ever [WATCH]

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While everyone knows that Ivanka comes from an affluent family, she actually is a movie star! She played a leading role in a documentary focusing on the upbringing of children in rich households. The documentary was called “Growing Up Rich.”

This documentary focused on how parents that spend time in the spotlight often have trouble shielding their children from the debauchery of the media world.

It’s not unusual for people to disagree with Donald Trump; however, it is unusual for one of his children to voice their opposition so clearly. Ivanka often has spoken out against the flamboyant and offensive rhetoric that is found in her father’s tweets. Despite these disagreements, she is clear that she still loves her father.

This is a great example of how people can disagree and still get along.


Ivanka, along with all of her siblings, graduated from Pennsylvania State University. While many people have wondered whether or not Donald Trump had some unscrupulous influence regarding his children’s acceptance and attendance at the school, nobody would dispute that his children are smart.

There isn’t any evidence of Trump’s influence and his children appear to be functioning well with their college degrees.

While Ivanka is an accomplished businesswoman, she once had to recall one of her scarves because it caught fire too easily. It is easy to see how this could cause a problem for her customers.

We still feel that having a successful family at the helm of our country is for the best. Not only is Ivanka very beauty but she’s just as business savvy as her father, President Donald Trump.

Some may even say that she played a key role in his election campaign, ensuring that he championed for the right causes for the right people.

What do you think? Are you proud to have Ivanka Trump as our First Daughter?

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