Ex-CIA Director: Obama “Did Nothing” to Detour Russian Activity

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Michael Morell, former director of the CIA during the Obama administration, stated that particular administration “did nothing” to stop Russian interference in the presidential campaign.

Morell left the CIA in 2013 and actually supposed Clinton during her bid for President in 2016 gave his insight on former CIA Director John Brennan giving his House Intelligence Committee testimony on Tuesday.

“What struck me…is that the U.S. government was concerned enough last summer about Russian interference in the election that they had the CIA director make contact with his Russian counterpart and tell them to stop,” Morell said Wednesday.

“So my question is what did the Obama administration do after that, after they learned that the warning had fallen on deaf ears,” said Morell.

“Well it appears they did nothing,” host Norah O’Donnell chimed in.

“It appears they did nothing,” Morell agreed.


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