Dunkin Donuts Has Revealed they Are Closing Hundreds Of Stores For Good…

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The way you get your coffee and doughnuts may soon be changing. For years, Dunkin’ has been making its way across the United States. Just like Starbucks, Dunkin’ is a coffee shop and bakery that offers locals a place to get their caffeine fixed on every corner.

The coffee shop franchise now officially known as simply “Dunkin'” said all Pennsylvania stores attached to Speedway gas stations will gradually close. Speedway is a gas station and convenience store chain headquartered in Ohio but with locations across the East Coast and Midwest.

Affected Pennsylvania shops are located in Bristol, Allentown, Reading, and more cities across the state. The announcement follows the recent termination of Dunkin’s partnership with Hess, a gas station corporation.

However, Dunkin said that closures are meant to help the chain focus on standalone stores. In a statement, the company emphasized that Dunkin’ locations at Speedway stores are typically smaller than standalone stores.

The Dunkin’ locations that are in the gas station do not make the corporation much money. 

“These points of distribution are lower volume units, in total representing less than 0.5% of Dunkin’ U.S. annual systemwide sales in 2019,” Kate Jaspon, Dunkin’s chief financial officer told Today. “We also remain committed to growing our presence in gas and convenience locations.”

Japson made the decision to shut down those locations and shovel all the upkeep money into locations that are more profitable.

“By exiting these sites, with minimal financial impact, we’re confident we’ll be better positioned to serve many of these trade areas in the coming years with new Dunkin’ NextGen restaurants that offer a broader menu,” Japson said.

The CEO of Dunkin’s Brands, Dave Hoffman, said, “We’re focused on making your experience as frictionless as possible, whether through our 5,300+ drive-thru locations, On-the-Go ordering and curbside pickup through the Dunkin’ app, or delivery through GrubHub and other providers. Rest assured, we are committed to providing a safe, secure experience at Dunkin’– offering you something familiar and welcoming amid so much change. “

The brand said it will still look to grow its gas station and convenience locations as well as airports, universities, travel plazas, and military installations.

The classic pink and orange shops recognized as “America’s most-loved beverage-led, on-the-go brand,” which dropped donuts from its name in a 2018 rebrand, still has over 8,500 restaurants in 41 states.

Source: AWM

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