This Sick Drive Thru Prank Is Gaining Steam, And Its Making Some Fast Food Employees Walk Off…

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Prank videos by certain social media stars garner a lot of views, but not everyone finds them funny—especially when they’re made at the cost of a minimum wage worker who is being treated unfairly and who gets sucked into some TikTok antics beyond their control.

People often record practical jokes on TikTok to participate in a trend. TikTok has been pushing pranks on fast-food workers for months, including bizarre Subway sandwich orders, continuously driving through the Burger King drive-thru, and ordering a burrito from Chipotle with “everything” on it.

Now, after attempting to turn a fresh joke into a trend on social media, a Taco Bell patron has drawn the wrath of TikTok. Online users were outraged by a Taco Bell TikTok joke, with users calling the stunt “ridiculous” and “offensive.”

But because consumers find the Taco Bell drive-thru prank distasteful, it won’t become popular. Ty Money, the offending user, posted two videos on the account that he claimed were shot on the same trip to a Taco Bell restaurant.

A TikTok user approaches a Taco Bell staff and asks how much it would cost to order one of “everything” on the menu while holding a phone up to the employee, in the first TikTok video. Obviously, the fast-food employee would have to put forth a lot of effort to produce that figure. Before they could report the price, they would need to add all the products to the order.

Thankfully, the Taco Bell worker has a sense of humor as well as a strong backbone. He does not provide Ty Money with the appropriate response to the absurd query.

The drive-thru worker said in the TikTok clip, “$500 million, dude — after taxes, yes sir, if you want one of everything, that’s about what it will be.”

Ty Money chose to make a second film while accepting the drink from the employee despite the fact that his first prank movie was a failure. The drive-through worker gives the TikTok user a cup of water in the second video. However, he then loses his grip on the cup, and it falls to the pavement, after saying, “I’ve got it.”

Ty Money’s “accidental” drop was part of the prank as the majority of respondents concurred. By the time the video has ended, the TikTok user has accused the Taco Bell employee of dropping the cup despite the fact that it was obviously in his hand. Surely, Ty Money has something more important to do with his day.

Like, why else would he be taking a video when the Taco Bell worker brought him a cup of water?

Of course, the videos offended the majority of viewers, I was even pissed off at this guy!

One user wrote,This is so disrespectful.”

Another added, “This is why I quit working at fast food.”

“Fast food workers don’t get paid enough for kids to do stuff like this,” another wrote.

Watch the video below:


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