Disney Heiress Lashes Out at Fifty Percent of America: ‘The Extreme Right Has Finally Run Amok’

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Abigail Disney, the granddaughter of a Disney founder, took place the warpath versus “wingnuts” and also conservative “radical ideologues” with a lengthy Twitter thread blasting those who oppose the hazardous campaign to bridegroom America’s kids for the LGBTQ+ schedule.

The granddaughter of Roy O. Disney, who co-founded The Walt Disney Firm with his more youthful sibling, Walt, jumped on a tweet by anti-critical race theory protestor Christopher Rufo in which he claimed that conservatives and also parents require to “wage moral battle” versus Disney’s radical, left-wing, pro-LGBTQ+ agenda.

Rufo had tweeted his call to arms after he made waves with video of Disney execs smugly confessing that they are using their entertainment system to indoctrinate children in extreme gender identification politics and subjecting kids to homosexual methods.

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After releasing that video, Rufo tweeted that moms and dads should not just sit idly by and allow Disney radicalize our youngsters. And that tweet set off the extremist, left-wing Disney heiress.

“Like all extreme ideologues, the extreme right has ultimately run amok as well as is concerning feed on the hand that feeds it. Organization. For my component I am happy. It is the business world that has actually been, either by act or noninclusion, feeding the go-getter extreme right to distract,” Disney tweeted on April 1.

The 62-year-old billionaire added that “‘anti-woke’ right wing rubbish” is “in need of support by a huge bulk of Americans” and also even asserted that the majority of Americans are “angered” by it.

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