The LAPD Filed A Complaint With The NBA Against Star Player LeBron

Where the worlds of politics and sports come together, as they have ever-more frequently in the last several years, you will always find controversy.

There are a great number of dedicated sports fans who are wholly unhappy with the way that this amalgamation has occurred. These are the folks who saw sports as their escape, as their time away from the grind of the real world. So, when the real world invaded sports, they stepped away.

One of the most prominent political voices in the sports world has been LeBron James, who recently made headlines after tweeting a photograph of a police officer that was involved in a shooting while on duty with the caption “YOU’RE NEXT”.

The LAPD was not amused, and they are now putting pressure on the NBA to take action.

The Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL), the union representing LAPD officers, has asked the NBA to investigate LeBron James over his tweet targeting a Columbus cop.

During an interview on the Ingraham Angle, Detective James McBride, a member of the Los Angeles Police Protective League Board of Directors, says the NBA should get involved.

“LeBron James sent that tweet out to over fifty million followers to incite violence is basically what that tweet did,” McBride told Ingraham.

“…No officer wants to take a life, but I’ll tell you one thing, that officer saved a life and he’s a hero,” McBride said.

James quickly deleted the tweet, but not before a number of Twitter users screen-captured the photo and accompanying text.

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