Did This CNN Host Admit To Spreading Fake News?

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The host of “Reliable Sources” on CNN, Brian Stelter, has admitted to spreading fake news. At a town hall hold at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, he was on a panel as part of the Democrat Media Complex, and tried to “make the case” for tech giants like Google, Apple, and Facebook “big brothering” what’s fake news and what is not.

Stelter incoherently argued that the tech giants created “these incredible technologies” but never took the time to teach people how to use them — no really.

“If we step way back, do any of us really feel like we know how to use these tools, these incredible technologies?” Stelter asked the panel and the audience before providing the answer. “I don’t, and it’s my job!” he announced.

He doesn’t know how to use Facebook? He doesn’t know how to use Google? Really? “I share fake stories by accident like everybody does,” Stelter revealed.

Which may seem like we’re reaching but when you think about it… he’s a Democrat, so what “fake news” is he spreading? Especially when you consider that almost all accused “fake news” is coming from right-leaning websites. Think about it…


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