Liberal “Militia” Footage Is As Funny As It Sounds

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Someone tell me in the comments if this is suppose to be serious or some attempt at a joke? I’ve assumed it’s serious and laughed all morning about it.

The John Brown Gun Club is a “militia” made up of Arizona Liberals who “rediscovered” the Second Amendment as it became certain that Trump would become POTUS. But in March of last year the “club” held an open carry counter-demonstration outside of a Trump rally, as a sort of intimidation tacit against open carry laws? Whatever….

But it’s been reported that a number of the weapons you’ll see them carry are, in fact, fake.

Now they’ve taken it to the next level and released a video of their “range day” but it ends up being more of a comedy than a serious show of education.

Check out where they’re shooting from — 25 yards away or less.


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