Tucker Carlson vs The Illegal

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A woman named Julissa Arce appears with Tucker Carlson, who is ready for a debate, and admits to using a fake social security number to get a job in the U.S. and eventually worked her way up as a VP for Goldman Sachs. She’s now a vocal opponent of POTUS Trump’s border wall. Though she eventually attained legal citizenship, this just seems rife with bull.

Carlson hit the nail on the head when he asks Arce if she considers what she did identity theft to get her but. She seems to have no problem with it and states that the numbers were made up. Carlson still made note that falsifying social security documentation is a felony.

She states that she didn’t want to use a fake SSN but it was the only way for her to get ahead in the business world. Really? Instead of just going for legal citizenship like you eventually did? Why not do that from the start? I guess I shouldn’t say that cause she only obtained legal status by marrying an American citizen. No wonder she regards the Border Wall as a “symbol of hate”. Don’t get me wrong, if it’s a legitimate marriage, I’m all for it (as oppose to a green card-only marriage). But she, in my opinion, has no real appreciation for the process. She seems to have cut every single corner she could all the while being here against the law… anyway…

She then has the nerve to say that as a citizen it’s her right to speak out against her government’s actions.

Carlson asked if she meant America has no right to protect its borders: “I think I have a right to ask you what you’re talking about,” he said.


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