Raw video: The MOAB aftermath in Afghanistan

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This video was recorded 10 days after the MOAB, or Mother of all Bombs, was dropped on known ISIS tunnel’s in Eastern Afghanistan. The footage offers a glimpse into the aftermath of such a bomb.

“The war is still going on near the site,” Karim Amini, a local TOLO News journalist who toured the site, told Fox News. “[The destruction] was wide, but how deep the MOAB went was not clear as it dived into the earth and blew out the tunnels which you can’t see.”

From Fox News:

From there, what was left after the MOAB detonated is vivid — skeletons of burned cars, houses holed and guttered. Inside one ISIS cave on the periphery of the bomb blast, a bed frame and prayer mat can be seen crumpled on the floor. An iron cage stands beside it, a cage believed to have been used to hold and torture prisoners captured by the brutal terrorist faction.

Many residents there actually voiced their appreciation for the bomb drop, stating that ISIS had long tortured their community but they also expressed their stress and fear over the feeling of the bomb detonating.

“The people were happy, but only on one condition: that ISIS die and that they disappear from that site as well as their district. Otherwise it is not of benefit to them,” Amini said. “Now they want the ‘father of all bombs’ to be dropped and ISIS annihilated.”

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