BREAKING! Loud explosion, smoke reported in Rome

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1:20PM – It’s in Maria Battistini in Rome, about 3 miles from St. Peter’s. Not at the Vatican.

1:24PM – Incident Not Believed To Be Terror Related

1:27PM – Explosion now believed to be due to fire itself, and not a bomb.

1:30PM – Wrecking yard has caught fire in Rome, 3 buildings evacuated

1:32PM – Confirmed to be a fire in Rome, in a car deposit. The explosions were the fuel tanks which exploded cause the fire. Not the Vatican.

Plumes of black smoke are filling the sky in Rome and now there are reports of an explosion.

Eye witness reports are seeing the thick smoke coming from a building near the Roman Catholic church after a loud BOOM.

One news outlet in Rome claimed a large fire had erupted at an auto garage or wrecking yard near the walls of the Vatican but we believe it was in Rome itself and not necessarily the Vatican.

We will update this article as the story develops.


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