CNN And MSNBC Won’t Tell Viewers About Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Spike

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Planned Parenthood has released their annual report and it’s revealed, ugh, an increase in abortion services while cutting down on prenatal care as well as other women’s health services.

And for all their self-proclaimed “righteousness” CNN nor MSNBC will not report on it.

Planned Parenthood preferred an astonishing 328,348 abortions from 2015-2016 but somehow only gave out 2,889 adoption referrals…

Fox News has covered this and they gave three different segments to the report on Wednesday including a discussion with Lila Rose, founder of Live Action a pro-life group.

“Their cancer screenings are declining, their prenatal care was cut down, their abortion numbers are going up, their taxpayer money is going up,” Rose said. “Taxpayers deserve to know this.”

Alternatively, the only time MSNBC talked about Planned Parenthood Thursday was when conservative commentator George Will mentioned that the latest budget bill continues to fund the organization.

Meanwhile, MSNBC gave SOME coverage as they talked about conservative commentator George Will and mentioned that the latest budget continues to fund the organization.

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