Young Girl Gets Rushed To Hospital After Vaping 57…

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A concerned father is issuing a warning to parents about the severe dangers of vaping after his teenage daughter suffered a life-threatening lung injury, resulting from a habit equivalent to smoking 400 cigarettes a week.

Mark Blight had a terrifying experience on the early morning of May 11 when he received a distressing phone call informing him that his daughter, Kyla Blight, had collapsed and turned “blue” while staying over at a friend’s house. He rushed her to the hospital, where her heart nearly stopped, necessitating a five-and-a-half-hour surgery to remove part of her lung.

Doctors discovered that a small air blister, known as a pulmonary bleb, had formed at the top of Kyla’s lungs. This condition was believed to have been exacerbated by her excessive vaping, causing the bleb to burst and her lung to collapse. Kyla, who started vaping at 15, had believed it to be a harmless habit. She was consuming an entire 4,000-puff vape each week, which equates to the nicotine content of 400 cigarettes.

The medical ordeal was a wake-up call for Kyla and her family. She was unaware that her vaping habit could lead to such a serious health crisis. After the surgery, she spent an additional two weeks in the hospital recovering before she could return home. The experience left her vowing never to touch vapes again.

Kyla’s father, Mark, is now on a mission to alert other parents about the hidden dangers of vaping, particularly the use of disposable vapes. He witnessed firsthand the near-fatal consequences of vaping and feels compelled to share his daughter’s story to prevent other families from experiencing similar trauma.

Mark’s warnings come at a crucial time as vaping among teenagers has become increasingly popular, often under the misconception that it is a safer alternative to smoking. However, incidents like Kyla’s highlight the severe health risks associated with vaping, which can include lung damage and other serious respiratory issues.

The medical team that treated Kyla identified the pulmonary bleb as a direct consequence of her vaping habit. Pulmonary blebs are small collections of air between the lung and the outer surface of the lung (pleura) and can lead to spontaneous pneumothorax (collapsed lung) if they rupture. This condition can cause severe pain, difficulty breathing, and, as in Kyla’s case, life-threatening complications if not promptly treated.

Kyla’s story serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers of vaping, especially among young people. Her case underscores the need for greater awareness and education about the risks associated with vaping products. Parents are encouraged to have open conversations with their children about these risks and to monitor for any signs of vaping behavior.

The rise of vaping among teenagers has prompted health officials to call for stricter regulations and more robust public health campaigns aimed at curbing its use. Kyla’s ordeal is a powerful testament to the urgent need for such measures. Her father’s advocacy highlights the importance of vigilance and proactive prevention to protect young people from the hidden dangers of vaping.

In summary, Mark Blight’s warning to parents is clear: vaping is not a harmless habit, and the potential health risks can be severe and life-threatening. Kyla’s near-death experience is a sobering example of the critical need for awareness and preventive action against the dangers of vaping.


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