Biden Admin Chief Of Staff Made Some Shocking Comments About Trumps Future Plans

The inflection point that the GOP is currently wading through is a murky one, no doubt, but there are some even with the highest echelon of Democratic politics that seem to have an idea for what the future of the Republican Party might look like.

As it stands today, there is a growing divide within the GOP, with the MAGA Movement on one side and the “old guard” Republicans on the other. The big question left to answer is whether or not Donald Trump will emerge in 2024 to lead the right-wing offshoot to victory, or if his power grab might just tear the party apart.

The White House Chief of Staff might not know the answer, but he sure isn’t ruling anything out.

Joe Biden’s White House chief of staff Ron Klain has warned that the President should not “underestimate” the chances of former President Donald Trump retaking the presidency in 2024.

“I wouldn’t want to estimate or underestimate Donald Trump as an opponent if he chooses to run,” Klain said on “Axios on HBO” in an interview aired Sunday, per CNN.

Klain said that both prospective candidates would be judged on their record in office, and said that Biden’s would be a strong one by the end of his first term.

“My experience, Mike, is that incumbent presidents are judged on their record,” he said.

Trump has repeatedly hinted that he would be running again in 2024, even going as far as to tell Sean Hannity that he is “beyond seriously” considering it during a recent interview.

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