You Won’t Believe What Someone Found At This Elementary School

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An employee at Sacramento’s Ethel I. Baker Elementary School found a pipe bomb and zip gun loaded with a 12-gauge shotgun shell were discovered in front of an elementary school just as children were about to arrive.

The employee found the two devices on the sidewalk in front of the school around 8:20 a.m. Tuesday morning and alerted authorities. According to Sgt. Rod Grassmann the two devices were a pipe sealed at both ends and a “zip gun.”

Sheriff’s deputies and the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team were called to the scene and determined that both devices were real, and rendered them safe.

Officers also found gasoline, shrapnel, and fireworks, inside the pipe bomb, while the gun was loaded with a 12-gauge shotgun shell.

Grassman said that the school is not having regular sessions but is being used for programs to help children who come from homes without internet access for learning. Those students were about to arrive at the school when the devices were discovered.

Grassman said parents were alerted to let them know the day was canceled and that some people were turned away and asked to come back another day.

“It’s unreal that we actually go in and find two live-armed devices. That is unreal, I think,” he said. “That zip gun had a 12-gauge round in it. So, if you were to pick that up and then drop it on its primer, that would go off like a shotgun blast.”

Grassman said that the sheriff’s office is working to piece together all of the evidence available to identify a suspect.

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