Former CIA Director Says He Is Embarrassed To Be A White Man

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The former director of the CIA and Spygate architect, John Brennan, dove into anti-white rhetoric during an appearance on MSNBC and told host Nicolle Wallace that he is embarrassed to be a white man.

The host asked former Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill about her feelings toward the attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference complaining about “cancel culture.”

“Because they want to be the victims, not the perpetrators,” responded McCaskill. “I have never seen so many whiny white men calling themselves victims as I saw over the weekend at CPAC. These are all people that think they have a huge grievance from a position of significant privilege.”

Brennan then joined in to shame these aforementioned white males.

“I’m increasingly embarrassed to be a white male these days,” he joked.

Watch the entire interview here:

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