You Won’t Believe The Hilarious Way This Capitol Rioter Was BUSTED

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We will undoubtedly be dealing with the repercussions of the attempted insurrection of January 6th for some time, as the FBI and other law enforcement agencies continue to scour through thousands of hours of CCTV and social media footage.

It has been difficult, too. Much of the footage is grainy, uploaded to the web with diminished bandwidth, and many of the perpetrators smartly covered their faces while committing their violent acts.

But, in some cases, these would-be insurrectionists are dropping themselves right into the hands of law enforcement.

When a man on a dating app boasted about storming the Capitol, the woman he messaged told him, “We are not a match,” prosecutors say. She then got him a date with the FBI. According to court papers, upstate New York resident Robert Chapman chatted to the woman on the Bumble app a week after the Jan. 6 riot, saying, “I did storm the capitol. I made it all the way to Statuary Hall.” The woman shared the messages with law enforcement the same day and investigators found more evidence on social media, the Washington Post reports. Chapman was arrested Thursday and charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct on restricted government property, per NBC 4.

Chapman wasn’t all that interested in hiding the fact that he was a part of that infamous mob.

His profile picture on one social media account was an image taken from inside the Capitol on that very day.

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