WHAT?! VP Harris Is Blaming The Border Crisis On Climate Change

One month ago, Vice President Kamala Harris was given her first major assignment in the Biden-Harris administration, as the situation at the southern border continued to spin out of control.

Harris seemed to relish the new role…except for the fact that she never visited the border, and hasn’t held a press conference in the month since taking it on.

Now, even more bizarrely, the VP has decided to take a different angle on the mess by including a number of prominent progressive talking points.

Vice President Kamala Harris used a meeting Thursday to argue climate change is a root cause of migration from Central American countries.

“We are looking at extensive storm damage because of extreme climate, we’re looking at drought,” Harris said.

Harris met with foundation leaders on the ongoing migrant crisis as people from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala flood the Southern border through Mexico.

Because of the changing climate, Harris argued, people in the region faced a struggling agriculture industry, food scarcity, food insecurity, and extreme poverty.

“Again, we’re looking at the issue of climate resiliency, and then the concern about the lack of economic opportunity,” she said.

Of course, even this amalgam of buzzwords meant to sway the radical left is flawed, given that President Joe Biden himself dismissed the migrant crisis as nothing more than a “seasonal surge”.

Now he has his second in command telling him that yes, indeed, this is a novel issue, which will likely lead to criticism of the administration’s messaging.

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