You Won’t Believe The Absurd Comment Biden Made To The President Of Mexico

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President Joe Biden made promises on Monday to work with the Mexican government and told the president of Mexico that the United States and Mexico are “equal.”

During a video conference with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Biden said, “In the Obama-Biden administration, we made a commitment that we would look at Mexico as an equal, not as somebody who is south of our border.”

“We are equal,” he added.

As reporters filed in Biden made it a point to say he enjoyed visiting Mexico during his time as Vice President and added that his rosary beads once belonged to his son, Beau Biden, who died six years from brain cancer.

“There is a long and complicated history between our two nations. We haven’t always been perfect neighbors with one another, but we have seen over and over again the power and purpose when we cooperate,” the president continued. “As you know, the fastest-growing population in the United States is Hispanic,” he said, noting that 60 percent of the Hispanic population in the United States is Mexican-American

“You’re an integral part of our history,” Biden said. “I keep a bust of a civil rights leader, Chavez — Cesar Chavez — in my Oval Office as a reminder.”

The president conveniently left out any talk of border security, trade, and the migrant crisis.

“We are united by 3180 kilometers of border, but we are not only united by geography, we are united by our economies, our trade, our culture, our history, and our friendship,” he added.

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