She Was Four Days Overdue When She Lifted Her Shirt Up And Everyone Gasped…

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Many pregnant ladies find it enjoyable. It’s a mother’s very first opportunity to bond with her child, and there are priceless moments at each stage. But let’s be honest: No matter how wonderful a pregnancy is most mothers eventually feel like they are just READY.

And even though being pregnant might be lovely, by the time your due date arrives, you want your baby out. So what would you do if you were expecting twins and your due date had already gone after 4 days?

At 40-plus weeks pregnant, this expectant and overdue mom was desperate to try just about anything. Desperate to see her twin boys, so she and her husband decided to do something special and captured it on camera.

These adorable couples set up a camcorder at home and danced wildly in an attempt to induce their twin boys. Well, if you wanted to dance yourself into labor, selecting the right tune would probably be pretty important. The couple chose the song “Let’s Get It Started” by the Black Eyed Peas. Or as they titled their video, “Let’s Get It (Labor) Started.”

Mom issues a warning to her healthy twin boys, at the start of the video, “Wes and Isaac. You’re four days overdue. You brought this on yourself!” Then, she starts to show off her smooth and amazing moves.

You can’t help but worry that her twin boys are going to pop out at any second, as the sight of her bouncing belly in the dance video is enough to make you hold your breath.

However, the mom wrote about her harrowing experience on her blog Nothings and Notions and the dance actually came after ten-straight days of trying to induce labor.

The mom wrote, “I was pretty desperate, desperate enough to make this video, and crazy enough to actually post my shenanigans on the internet. Pregnancy does strange things to people.”

Mom started having contractions after the dancing. Braxton Hicks contractions, which hurt but are not symptomatic of labor, were what they were instead of actual labor contractions.

Losing sleep over her worries to have a healthy birth, the contractions kept going and mom kept timing them for hours. With the stubborn twin boys, who just didn’t seem to want to be born yet, the mom was in a lot of pain.

Mom finally got the “natural, unmedicated childbirth” she wanted. “God’s hand of protection was completely involved in every step of the way,” she said.

Watch the video below for more details:

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