Yet Another Democrat Deserts The Dem Party, Major Mayor Signs Up With The GOP!

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ICYMI|Democratic North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee announced on Fox and Buddies that he was knocking the Democratic Event and also was changing to the Republican politician Event. He says he is making the switch due to the fact that the Democratic Event has become as well extreme.

Lee said:

“When you’re a pro-life Democrat, a pro-gun Democrat, as well as you’re a really traditional individual, that’s not really popular in the Democratic Celebration any longer. Therefore for me to hang on as lengthy as I did, hoping the party would alter, it really did not, it became worse.”

“I located a new location where I can place my allegiance to as well as help once again. Forget the last 8 years, it’s about the following four years that anticipate the future.”

“Nevada needs a switch. Switch to PEOPLE over ESTABLISHMENT. Switch over to Legal Rights over unsupported claims. The button is on! It’s time to turn off the Autonomous Socialists and also turn on the light of freedom.”

Lee included:

“Though I have actually been a signed up Democrat theoretically my whole life, I made the button in my heart a long time back, because on some points, there’s merely no compromise. That’s why I chose President Trump two times.”

You can anticipate to see even more of this from the Democrats at every level throughout the country. The Republican sweep in the blue state of Virginia has a great deal of Democrats in swing states nervous and also frightened. Some big Democrats will not look for reelection in 2022. That consists of Jackie Spier and also Sen Pat Leahy. Unless I miss my hunch, much more will either change celebrations or introduce their resignations soon so that other Democrats have time in order to place a project.

From The Daily Customer

“Yet like President Reagan and President Trump, I’ve seen direct exactly how the Democrat Party has changed– substantially, except the much better. They have actually accepted a socialist, extremist schedule that is not the party of JFK or my parents,” Lee stated.

Lee likewise said that the Democratic Event no more invites traditional voices such as his …


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