Biden Administration Is Trying To Sweep Portland Riots Under The Rug

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As the Biden Administration’s FBI continues to look for people that attended the riot at the Capitol on January 6, the Department of Justice is quietly dismissing numerous cases related to the riots in Portland over the summer.

Recently it has been discovered that out of 90 cases 31 have been dismissed by the US Department of Justice.

Over half of the charges were “dismissed with prejudice” against four defendants that were charged with assaulting a federal officer, which is a felony. Former federal prosecutors say these actions are extremely rare and the cases can not be brought back to court.

The dismissal of these cases and lowering of charges is the complete opposite stance the US Department of Justice took over the summer. Billy Williams, then-US Attorney for Oregon, said, “Make no mistake: those who commit violence in the name of protest, will be investigated, arrested, prosecuted, and face prison time.”

Williams was forced to step down by the Biden Administration on February 28.

More than 11 cases have been dropped since Biden took office and defendants are expecting even more cases to be dropped as the new US Attorney in Oregon is installed.

Meanwhile, it is being reported that the FBI is showing up at peoples home that merely attended the rally in DC but did not participate in the march to the Capitol. According to accounts, they are asking US citizens why they exercised their 1st Amendment right to assemble.

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