Yet Another Wacko Syrian Conspiracy Theory

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Lamestream media just can’t seem to help themselves, can they? I wonder if they believe it or if it’s a ratings grab. Anyway, Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Seth Moulton appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to say Syria “could very well be an attempt by the administration to get out from under the claim that they are colluding with Russia.” Luckily for us Carlson wasn’t having it. He pressed for any evidence to the claim. Of course Moulton had none, instead saying “there are people who think that.”. COME ON, DUDE!

“No look I didn’t say–confirm that as an explanation, I said that that is a believable, viable explanation, which is no different than what you’re saying,” Moulton claimed.

Dem Congressman Floats A Conspiracy Theory On Live TV, Offers No Evidence [VIDEO]


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