YES! Trump Just Took Biden To The Woodshed About Refusing To Visit Ohio…

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Former President Donald Trump mocked Joe Biden for not visiting East Palestine, Ohio after a toxic chemical leak and train derailment occurred earlier this month. During his visit to East Palestine, Trump handed out his “Make America Great Again” hats and took a swipe at the Biden administration’s Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, who has yet to visit the small town.

Meanwhile, during Biden’s “embarrassing” trip to Ukraine and Eastern Europe, he stumbled and fell on the Air Force One stairs at Warsaw Chopin Airport. The incident was caught on multiple camera angles and shared on social media, leading to comparisons with Biden’s 2019 fall on the same staircase. Trump quipped that Biden should have visited East Palestine while he was touring the town and criticized the current administration for destroying the country.

During his visit to East Palestine, Trump also ventured into a local McDonald’s and took photos with locals, many of whom were wearing his campaign hats. The photos went viral on social media, with Trump surrounded by business-casual locals in the fast-food restaurant. He expressed his thoughts on the state of the nation and criticized the Biden administration for systematically destroying the country. Trump’s quip of “get over here” directed at President Biden during his visit was seen as an attempt to taunt the current president to visit East Palestine.

Biden’s trip to Eastern Europe was meant to reaffirm the US’s support for its allies, but his fall on the Air Force One stairs overshadowed the visit. Many critics saw it as a sign of the President’s physical and mental fitness. This is not the first time Biden has stumbled and fallen on the Air Force One stairs, with a similar incident occurring in 2019. Trump’s supporters were quick to criticize Biden’s fall and compared it to the previous incident, questioning the President’s ability to perform his duties.

In Ohio, Trump visited East Palestine to lend his support to the affected victims of the chemical train derailment disaster. While there, he handed out his trademark campaign hats and mingled with locals, seemingly enjoying the opportunity to connect with his base. Trump’s visit and message to Biden were seen by his supporters as a demonstration of his strength and ability to lead, which they contrasted with Biden’s perceived weakness and reluctance to lead.

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