He Has NINE WIVES, And He Says He Is Getting A Divorce….

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People frequently consider getting married, however in Brazil, a Latin American country; there is also a man who has 9 wives, with the desire to have children, from all of these wives. The name of this man is Arthur O’Urso and he came into the limelight around the world when he married nine women to celebrate free love.

Urso, a model by profession, was already married to a fellow swinger Launa Cajaki, they have been together before Urso wanted to hold a “protest against monogamy,” then formalizing their relationship at a church event in Sao Paulo.

Urso then started his polygamous relationship with Launa and his eight other women. However, Urso is now facing a divorce from one of his wives, Agatha whom he says that “Agatha does not like this marriage,” as the idea of polygamy isn’t as appealing as she once thought.

Urso earns 55 lakh rupees from OnlyFans by modeling and said he was “very sad” about the separation and even more surprised by her excuse.

He said, Agatha wants her full rights over me. I don’t think it is possible. We have to share. I was very sad about the divorce and most of all was surprised to know the reason for it.’ Arthur said, ‘Agatha said she was missing a relationship with a man.’

Urso who has 50,000 people tracking his every post on Instagram, which includes sex advice and details on his unusual marriage to nine women, after becoming famous for marrying nine women at the same time, said that “my other wives believe that this behavior of Agatha is wrong”. He said that Agatha built the relationship out of adventure and not real love.

The Brazilian Model continued, ‘I know I have lost my wife but I am not going to replace her right now.’ Urso is now facing a divorce after separating from Agatha.

Urso explained that while he has “lost a wife” he has no plans to “replace” her just yet.

But he hopes to marry two more women to bring his number of wives up to an even 10.

I have a dream — my wish has always been to have 10 wives,” Arthur said.

“I only have one daughter, but I want to have [a child] with each one of my wives.

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