What These “Protesters” Did To Two Cops Is Downright Shameful

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The level of violence that these protests and riots have reached is completely out of control. There is no order and no one around capable of restoring peace on the streets.

It has become clear that protesters are not afraid of going toe to toe with the police and it is also clear that cops appear to be losing the upper hand. Such is the case with two Chicago Police Department officers.

A video shows a chaotic scene on Saturday out in the Windy City where a couple of police officers got into a situation with a swarm of protesters that surrounded them after a physical altercation involving at least one of them.

This led to almost everyone in the crowd joining in on yanking the two officers, one of them a woman, off and away from the man they appeared to be detaining. People in the crowd literally grabbed the two officers and dragged them into the street.

Thankfully some good samaritans came to the rescue of the officers and broke up the scene and formed a protective circle around the policemen just before all hell broke loose.

Chicago is just one of the latest cities to fall victim to these violent clashes. They are happening in almost every major city in the country right now with no end in sight.

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