WOW! Chelsea Asked To Sign Book For Bill Clinton Accuser

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Rebel Media posted this CRAZY video of conservative Laura Loomer trolling Chelsea Clinton during an event in New York for her new kids book, She Persisted. And in this forever-cringe-worthy moment, Loomer asks Chelsea Clinton to sign a copy of the book for Juanita Boarddrick… one of Bill Clinton’s accusers.

Boarddrick certain “Persisted” in her accusations, so I guess it’s more than fitting.

“Because this book’s for everyone, including women who have wanted to speak up but have been told to quiet down, can you sign it for my friend Juanita Broaddrick, because she’s been silenced by your parents, especially Bill Clinton, who’s a rapist. Can you sign it for her?” asked Loomer.

Clinton of course refused to sign the book, instead simply saying “Thank you for coming today”.


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