BRUTAL! Senator Burr Suspends Kamala Harris During Senate Intel Hearing

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Senator Richard Burr suspended Senator Kamala Harris from speaking during the Senate Intel hearing after she refused to let Rod Rosenstein, Assistant Attorney General, answer any questions.

Rosenstein was explaining to those in the hearing why Robert Mueller cannot be fired by the President when Harris cuts him off.

“Sir, if I may, the greater assurance is not that you and I believe in Mueller’s integrity…it is that you would put in writing an indication based on your authority as the acting attorney general that he was full independence,” she said.

Rosenstein was visible annoyed during the entire question by Harris, and began to respond, “He has the full independence as authorized by those regulations,” before Harris stopped him again.

That’s when Burr spoke up.

“The senator will suspend. The chair is going to exercise his right to allow the witness to answer the question,” Burr said to eye rolls from Harris. “The committee is on notice to provide the witnesses the courtesy, which has not been extended all the way across, extend the courtesy for questions to get answered.”

“Mr. Chairman, respectfully, I would like to point out that this witness…” Harris started yet again.

“Mr. Rosenstein, will you … the senator will suspend. Mr. Rosenstein, would you like to fully answer the question?” Burr offered.


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