Woman Suspected Of Selling Pelosi’s Laptop To The Russians

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For years now, we have been told a dizzying array of stories about Donald Trump’s alleged connections to Russia, and how this was some sort of disqualifying situation that should have sent him packing from the White House.

At the end of a $25 million, 22-month long investigation, however, Robert Mueller could not bring himself to charge the President for any Russian “collusion”, and Trump took a victory lap on that decision.

His supporters also bucked back against the Russia allegations time and again, often lamenting that the liberal left simply couldn’t stop trying to tie Trump to the Kremlin.

Now, however, a strange story out of the Capitol riots seems to indicate that at least some of those involved may carry a favorable view of what Russia can do on the international stage.

The FBI is investigating evidence that a woman who entered the Capitol on Jan. 6 stole a laptop or hard drive from Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office and intended to sell it to Russians.

The bizarre claim, which the FBI emphasized remains under investigation, was included in an affidavit describing the criminal case against Riley June Williams, a Pennsylvania woman who was seen in footage of the Jan. 6 insurrection in area of the Capitol near Pelosi’s office.

And it’s not clear if the FBI has been able to apprehend her.

“It appears that WILLIAMS has fled,” according to the affidavit, which was signed Sunday and posted publicly after 9 p.m.. “According to local law enforcement officers in Harrisburg, WILLIAMS’ mother stated that WILLIAMS packed a bag and left her home and told her mother she would be gone for a couple of weeks. WILLIAMS did not provide her mother any information about her intended destination.”

And while many are pushing back against the characterization that those who stormed the Capitol were committing “sedition”, this is a case where the evidence is rather clear in regard to the intentions of the accused.

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