Shocking Additions To Trump's Final List Of Presidential Pardons

In true Trump fashion, the 45th President of the United States will be departing the White House in a dramatic fashion.

Obviously, there’s a fairly significant chance that throngs of his supporters will be loudly demonstrating in the area around the Capitol as Joe Biden is inaugurated, although the small attendance that state-level protests have garnered may be an indication that this fervor is fizzling.

And then there’s Trump’s alleged plan to leave the White House early on Wednesday morning, flying directly to Mar-a-Lago without participating in the ceremony itself.

Now, with just 48 hours left in his term, Trump is considering a massive wave of pardons as well.

President Donald Trump will reportedly spend his last day in office issuing nearly 100 pardons and commutations — a list that purportedly excludes the president himself at the moment — in a move that may once again highlight Trump’s willingness to use his clemency powers to reward his most loyal friends and political allies.

Trump is preparing a list of around 100 pardons and commutations that includes white-collar criminals and rap musicians, among others, CNN and Reuters reported on Monday citing sources.

One has to wonder if any of the pardon requests made by January 6th’s Capitol raiders will be a part of this enormous action.

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