Woke Disney Has Been Hit With A Devastating Blow They Will Never Recover From…

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Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis continues to wage a war against radical leftist company Disney. The major Hollywood corporation runs one of the largest theme parks in Florida. Earlier in the year, DeSantis moved to revoke Disney’s special tax status over the land on which Disney World is built.

Disney sued, so it can control that land like a dictatorship.

The case is ongoing. But DeSantis is not done defanging this hopelessly woke organization. The governor got rid of the leftist officials that had been giving Disney special treatment. And he selected a new board to oversee how Disney manages its theme parks. Now, Disney is outraged that the board just ended what one official called an “illegal” agenda.

From Daily Wire:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis‘ handpicked board on the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CFTOD) announced this week that it has ended all diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs.

District Administrator Glenton Gilzean announced the abolition of the programs that were adopted by the former Reedy Creek Improvement District that “discriminated against Americans based on gender and race, costing taxpayers millions of dollars,” according to the CFTOD…

Gilzean said in a statement that the old district’s DEI initiatives “were illegal and simply un-American.”

Wow. Disney, like nearly every other American corporation, embraced “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” That is code for pushing radical, leftist policies that prioritize a person’s race, gender, or sexual orientation. Corporations (even Chic-Fil-A) have been bowing the knee to DEI for years, to get high marks from leftist activists who grade companies.

Disney is no different. But Gov. DeSantis’s tourism oversight board deemed this policy illegal and un-American. They are ending this policy for theme parks in central Florida, including Disney. The board accused DEI policies of discriminating against Americans “based on gender and race.”

The tourism board shut down the DEI committee and dissolved duties and jobs that existed to promote DEI.

This is a huge blow to companies like Disney, which embraced DEI. These policies gave special treatment to people, because of race. Not only that, but companies promoted and “celebrated” gays and transgenders to appease DEI standards.

With DEI shut down, Disney has less ammunition to promote leftist views in its theme park. I’m sure they will try to fight back–and even push DEI through its own board. But with Florida deeming DEI “illegal,” Disney could face repercussions if it’s caught prioritizing race and gender over merit.


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