A Sanctuary City Has Officially Become A Shanty Town So Fast That…

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For three years now, we’ve seen Joe Biden ignore the border crisis. An estimated 3 million illegal aliens have entered the country–with nowhere to go. Biden’s DHS has refused to uphold our immigration laws. And border states, overrun with chaos, have bussed some of these migrants to blue cities.

The goal, of course, was to get these Democrats to admit there was a problem. Instead, blue city mayors are burning through tax dollars to house these invaders. Not once has a liberal mayor demanded Joe Biden secure the border. And now, one major city is hitting max capacity.

From The Post Millennial:

Perhaps nowhere is the crisis more apparent than in New York City, where economic migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers alike have been forced to crowd the streets, with only a lucky few being provided shelter and a regular supply of food and water…

“Now that we have run out of room,” [Mayor Adams] said on Monday, “we have to figure out how we’re going to localize the inevitable that there’s no more room indoors.”

New York’s mayor admitted they are out of room. More and more aliens enter the city. But these are economic refugees who are coming to America for handouts. They are not working. They are reportedly destroying the hotels they are being put up in. How bad is it getting in NYC? Well, the idiotic Democrats are mulling destroying an international landmark and turning it into a shanty town.

From Daily Wire:

As New York City struggles to house more than 50,000 illegal immigrants who have flooded the city, officials are reportedly weighing the option to place many of them in tents in Central Park…

“We are constantly looking at sites to see how we can accommodate people, but we need support and we think that the system is at a breaking point,” Williams-Isom said.

Unbelievable. These Democrats don’t know what’s good for them. They don’t seem to realize that these migrants won’t stop coming. Unless they start sending them back to where they came from, these cities will no longer be cities.

But instead of calling on the federal government to deport these freeloaders, Democrats want to turn Central Park into a tent city for illegal aliens. How dumb is that?

Weren’t we told these migrants were just hard-working folks eager for a chance? Then why aren’t they busting the pavement looking for work, so they can pay for their own housing? Why is it we need to destroy a major American landmark, turning it into a shanty town, to accommodate all of these outsiders?

The solution is simple: close the border and deport these illegals. But Biden and the left refuse to do that. They refuse to admit that Republicans were right and their plans were idiotic. So, once-beloved cities will continue to become hellholes.

It’s their own fault.


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