WIN! Coca-Cola Comes Crawling Back After Taking A Hit From Boycott

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Coca-Cola has realized they are in trouble after speaking out against the Georgia voter integrity bill and they are now trying to kiss and make up with conservatives.

The Atlanta-based soda company chose not to participate in a letter signed by 500 corporations and individuals that condemned any election legislation that would “restrict” voters from having “an equal and fair opportunity to cast a ballot.” The letter was published on a two-page ad in the New York Times and Washington Examiner in cooperation with the Black Economic Alliance. The New York Times even wrote a co-op piece doxing the companies that refused to participate in the letter.

In a statement to the Washington Examiner Coca-Cola said they “had not seen the letter” but is “certainly open to hearing their perspective,” then they started to posture toward conservatives.

“We believe the best way to make progress now is for everyone to come together to listen, respectfully share concerns, and collaborate on a path forward. We remain open to productive conversations with advocacy groups and lawmakers who may have differing views,” the company said. “It’s time to find common ground. In the end, we all want the same thing – free and fair elections, the cornerstone of our democracy.”

Coca-Cola’s statement is almost a 180-degree turn from what they said after Georgia passed their voter integrity bill.

“We want to be crystal clear and state unambiguously that we are disappointed in the outcome of the Georgia voting legislation,” said Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey in a statement earlier this month. “Throughout Georgia’s legislative session we provided feedback to members of both legislative chambers and political parties, opposing measures in the bills that would diminish or deter access to voting.”

Immediately, former President Donald Trump (a diet coke fan) urged his supporters to boycott corporations that bow to leftist ideology. “Don’t go back to their products until they relent. We can play the game better than them,” he said.

Based on Coca-Cola’s remarks to the Washington Examiner it appears the boycott is working.

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